Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns- An Overview

Group text messaging, also called mass text messaging and bulk SMS text messaging, requires some planning. The first important element is to have well-organized groups pre-set before you start your campaign planning. If not, here’s a brief review:

Creating groups is easy to do during opt-in if you’ve set up different keywords for people who use your business in different ways or have different interests among your product lines or services. For example, if you have restaurant that offers sit-down, take-out, catering, lunch delivery within a specific area, and Thursday night early bird specials, and participates in Restaurant Week in your community, you could set up groups for each of these interests. This doesn’t mean that some of your customers mightn’t sign up for more than one, but you can target your communications to be more likely to reach the audience that will be most interested. Read more about theĀ bulk text messaging

Given groups that are already set up, you can brainstorm different campaigns for each group, or a broad campaign that will target all your customers, but might have a message that is shaped for each. Here are examples, still using our restaurant example:

When running different campaigns, you can think about doing things like providing your lunch regulars with a weekly menu of specials on Monday morning, your committed Thursday early birds with this Thursday’s menu on Wednesday afternoon, and a seasonal catering announcement (Super Bowl, weddings, Easter, or whatever is appropriate to the season) for your catering customers.

For Restaurant Week, when you may well have specials in all areas, you might begin each group’s message by announcing your business’s participation in restaurant week, followed by an explanation of the specials available for the group’s known interest, and then letting them know about the specials in other areas, in case they’re interested. This third part may be accomplished through a web link to further information.After you brainstorm, narrow your ideas, deciding how many text messages that campaign will include and to whom they’ll be sent. If you’re planning to send more than one message, you’ll want to determine the timing, and if you’re including keywords for the response, you’ll want to choose them carefully.

If your text messaging service provides templates or allows you to create them, your next step will be designing the text messages themselves (or itself, if you’re doing a campaign in which a single message will be sufficient). If you’re sending any messages to prospective customers, be sure to provide all the information required by law, including proper identification of your business and a way to opt-out from receiving text messages from you. If you send texts to people who live in other countries, be sure that you aware of any local ordinances governing text message marketing.